Weather in Bermuda

If there was one word that could describe the weather here, then that word would be sublime. It is, perhaps, the weather throughout this 21 square mile island that makes it one of the premier vacation destinations in the entire world. Often mistaken to be part of the Caribbean, the island actually sits in a most impeccable location in the Atlantic- off the coast of North Carolina. Therefore it enjoys many benefits from the Gulf Stream and offers visitors some of the most beautiful, perfect-for-a-vacation days anywhere. And though it may seem like the perfect place to move if you want to live in paradise, it will take more than a good long distance moving company to get you there.

The Best Climate

There are many places in the world that enjoy a nice climate, but nothing is quite like the climate here. It takes the best of all of these other tropical locations and creates something unlike anything you’ll ever find. Rarely will you ever find hot or cold extremes, with the summers averaging in the mid 80’s and the winters averaging in the mid to low 70’s. This creates a mecca for tourism, where people can enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities without having to worry about harsh winters, hot summers, or even hurricanes, as they rarely visit this part of the Atlantic.


One of the most important points to consider is the fact that is never snows here. Rain is somewhat rare, though not rare enough to create drought conditions. Spread throughout the year, only about four inches of rain fall each month throughout the island. This makes it possible to plan outdoor activities at any time of the year and not have to worry about alternative plans. Rain doesn’t normally last long, so even if you do experience rain here, you won’t have to wait long for it to pass.

Adding to the Scenery

The climate only helps make the scenery more beautiful, especially the sunsets and the sunrises. If you’ve ever spent time at sea, you know that these times of the day can be quite spectacular. Now, thanks to the impeccable climate enjoyed on this island, you can enjoy those spectacular sights without having to spend any time on the water. With the coastline only a short distance away from any location on the island chain, you can find the perfect place to view any sunrise or sunset no matter when you choose to visit.

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