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Bermuda Cricket News

Recently Bermuda won an award for best cricket development program. It’s always nice to be recognized for an award and this award is special. Cricket has been played in Bermuda for a long time, so it’s great to receive the recognition. Cricket is an international sport and it facilitates international competition. Bermuda can expect to be competitive in the future with such a good development program.

Sports are a great way for children to develop- both physically and mentally. Joining a sports team is great for teamwork and relationship building. The children also need to use their brains to learn about the sport and how to develop strategies for game-time situations.

Also, when the children are playing sports they are not getting involved in violence or crime. Without cricket, these children could be getting into trouble by having too much time on their hands. Their coaches become their mentors and positive influences.

Cricket is a game that anyone can enjoy and it can be played both competitively and for recreation. It’s the best of both worlds. Cricket is a good part of Bermuda’s culture and the development program will ensure that cricket will continue to be apart of Bermuda’s culture in the future.

Cliff Jumping in Bermuda

Bermuda isn’t particular known for cliff jumping, but as you can see it’s a fun activity in Bermuda. There is nothing more exhilarating than jumping off a cliff and into a warm body of water.

Safety Precautions

Obviously when starting out, it’s best to start off with smaller cliffs and work your way up. And before you try to jump, make the sure the area is safe for cliff jumping. There should be a firm surface to jump off of. There should also be deep water for landing. You can easily injure yourself if you decide to jump into shallow water. Also make sure to jump with a friend. If anything goes wrong then your friend will be there to help you. Another tip is to not be fancy. If you are inexperienced then don’t try and do any crazy flips in the air. Flips are reserved for those with a lot of experience.

Cliff jumping is certainly not for everyone. Elderly people and young children should not attempt to cliff jump. You wouldn’t want to ruin your entire vacation just because you injured yourself. It’s best to be safe. Spend most of your time at the beach, not in the hospital. If you follow all of these safety procedures then you should have a great time and there should be nothing to worry about.

Reasons to Vacation in Bermuda

Thousands of people travel here each year, and with good cause. The pink-sand beaches and the beautiful weather offer visitors an experience like no other. While mistaken for a part of the Caribbean, this island actually rests quite far to the north, just off the coast of North Carolina in the United States. About 650 miles from the closest part of North America, it only takes a couple of hours to get to this astoundingly beautiful island.

The Geography

Perhaps one of the things this place is most well known for is the seventy five miles of dramatic and beautiful coastline that they boast. Because of the location where the collection of islands sits, the weather is almost always perfect. Made up of over one hundred islands, the country is connected by bridges that make it seem like one continuing landmass. Most notable for its pink sand beaches, the island has one of the most unique types of sand. Comprised of crushed coral, calcium carbonate, and shells of organisms called Forminifera, the sand looks distinctly pink.


Because of the wonderful climate, there is a lot of different flora and fauna to discover when you visit. At any time of the year, you can find a variety of tropical fish who inhabit the many shipwrecks that surround the island. You can also enjoy a vast array of flora throughout the island, including gardens that seem like small versions of jungles. There are also lots of unique animals throughout the island, such as tree frogs, seven different sea turtle species, and some of the most unique and beautiful tropical birds alive. With colors and species that span the gap between normal and extraordinary, this country really does have some of the most diverse wildlife in the world.

The Local Citizens

The locals are another reason to visit Bermuda. Unlike anywhere else in the world, the culture of this island paradise is also unique. Because of the rich history that came together to make the island what it is, the country is known as a fusion culture between the British and African segments of history that brought the island to the point where it is today. It is officially Britain’s oldest colony, and as such, British ties influence many segments of the culture, but they combine almost seamlessly with a strong African heritage to create a culture that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. From powdered wigs on judges, to the deep beats of calypso music, to the Bermuda shorts that make our businessmen stand out in the global crowd, there really is something to love about the people here.

Put Travel Insurance on Your Bermuda Trip Checklist

Deciding to vacation to Bermuda isn’t difficult. The island is beautiful, with its pink beaches and great weather. Nearly everyone speaks English, and the traditional foods include great ingredients such as bananas, beans, fish and brandy or wine.  When you need a break from the beach, there are attractions such as the Crystal & Fantasy Caves, the Bermuda Aquarium, Natural History Museum and Zoo, and the Bermuda Maritime Museum.

Plus, it’s not a long trip from most East Coast locations. That means it is accessible not only by plane or cruise ship – and those are great ways to get there – but also by private yacht.

But as you check items off your Bermuda vacation to-do list, make sure you haven’t forgotten a couple of important ones. Everyone remembers prescriptions and trip itineraries. But there are some arrangements that could have slipped your mind.

For example, remember that the island, despite that proximity to the U.S., is considered a foreign country. That means, first off, that you’ll a passport. In addition, have you thought about letting your bank and your credit card companies know that you’ll be out of the country for a few days? If not, you face the possibility of having your accounts frozen when you need them the most.

Another important matter to take care of before you leave home on that trip is travel insurance. It might not sound exciting, but it can save you a pile of money and be a literal lifesaver. This is particularly important if you’re taking a commercial flight or cruise to Bermuda.

Picking the right travel insurance

However, make sure you have the right travel insurance. The best policies offer several types of protection, including trip cancellation. This is the coverage you need if you become ill or there is a natural disaster in the country you’re visiting. You also should make sure you have flight delay coverage. Your provider will cover hotel costs and make new travel plans on your behalf under this coverage.

You should also make sure you are protected for baggage loss or theft. Otherwise, you could wind up stuck in Bermuda with no clothes, no prescriptions and maybe even no identification. That can mean paradise lost, too. A good travel insurance policy can help with all that. It can also help if you lose your passport or other travel documents or money.

Insurance is Protection

But possibly the biggest reason  to get travel insurance is to give yourself protection in case you become ill or injured in a foreign company. What could happen? Say you get in a wreck when you’re traveling the island in search of some of its unique animals, such as tree frogs, sea turtles and tropical birds. Your health insurance – including Medicare – likely won’t pay for medical care overseas, which could cost thousands. In addition, hospitals in some countries want payment up front. A good travel health insurance policy, regardless of whether your destination is Bermuda or somewhere else, also will pay to evacuate you if you need specialized care, again saving you thousands of dollars.

The best reason to buy travel insurance is to make sure that you enjoy the beaches and calypso music and everything else that Bermuda offers to its guests. Purchasing a good travel insurance policy will help make sure you have the opportunity to cash in on golf, scuba diving and all the other activities that are available.

The cost? It’s likely lower than you think. Coverage will run between 4% and 8% of the total price of your vacation. The more important question might be this: How much could it cost you NOT to have travel insurance?

Learning about Bermuda’s Roots

Before visiting you should learn about the history of Bermuda. Nearly 400 years of history exist, with buildings and culture still there today to convey this history to those who wish to visit. In fact, the history of the island is a huge part of the overall appeal of the island, bringing tourists and visitors to the island simply for the history lessons that they can obtain in a single day.

Spanish Beginnings

The storied beginnings rest solely with the Spanish, who’s sea captain Juan de Bermudez first discovered the island chain. Then uninhabited, the 181 islands would one day bear his name. Over a hundred years later, Sir George Somers and his crew wreck on the island after suffering through a violent storm. This is the point where the colonization of the islands truly begin. Though not always a part of Britain, the Virginia Company eventually surrenders the island to the Crown, thus making it the single oldest colony of Britain still existing today.

Growing Up

Though a colony of Britain, Bermuda self governs. This is a tradition that spans back to the 1800’s, when the first Bermuda parliament convenes in the St. Peter’s Church. Still, as the Revolutionary War breaks out in the United States, it is apparent that this island is still under British rule as British solders use the island as a staging area. Towns grow and more people come together to form larger cities. Soon, Hamilton succeeds the original capital of St. George as the new Capital of Bermuda.


Bermuda is well known historically for its hand in the slave market, especially through to the United States. It is also known for the support it gave the confederates during the Civil War. Eventually, slavery was outlawed on the island, but many historical sites such as the Diaspora Heritage Trail still exist today offering visitors a first-hand look into a very unique part of both American and Bermudan history.


With history, also comes mystery. The island is one of the points of the so called Bermuda triangle, and many people still think that the waters surrounding the island are filled with mysteries. Perhaps that is why there are so many shipwrecks surrounding the island today. However, during the 1970’s many of the mysteries accredited to the Bermuda Triangle were debunked, but the romance of such mysteries still exist today bringing in an entirely different kind of tourist to the island.

How to Get to Bermuda

It’s no wonder why so many people want to visit this beautiful island paradise, but do you know that there are multiple methods of how to get to Bermuda? Because it is an island, you won’t be able to drive, but you can hop on a plane or a boat and quickly experience the serenity that this place has to offer. Want to know more about the options you have in getting to this wonderful getaway? Continue reading to learn how you can experience all this place has to offer.

By Plane

One method of getting to the island of Bermuda involves flying there. You can purchase a plane ticket from a variety of different airlines that fly from many different airports within the United States, Europe, and many other countries. Most of the time, these flights are non-stop and are over so quick that you’ll not even have time to daydream about the island paradise that awaits you. The airport is located on the east end of Bermuda, so if you have plans to go to another section of the island, prepare to hire a taxi or rent a bike, as rental vehicles are non-existent, so you won’t need to purchase an auto insurance policy.

By Cruise Ship

One of the more pleasant, albeit longer methods of getting to Bermuda involves booking a cruise. All of the world’s leading cruise lines offer passage to this wonderful island, so if you’re in the mood for fun on the water, as well as on the land, consider this as your method of getting to Bermuda. Not only is your food included, but you also will enjoy entertainment and accommodations throughout the entire trip. Worried about getting off the boat and getting lost? Coming in on a cruise ship offers the unique ability to take part in guided tours and activities all choreographed by the cruise line. This is a preferred option for couples.

By Private Vessel

This is the least popular way to arrive. The country is not far off the coast of the United States, so it is not uncommon for people to take their private yachts to the island. Because it is considered a foreign country though, make sure that you are prepared to follow a few simple guidelines when you decide that this is the method you will use to get to this island.

  • Be prepared to go through Immigration, Customs, and a health inspection once you arrive in the port at St. George.
  • Upon approach, be sure to contact Bermuda Radio for guidance in.
  • Be prepared to pay a tax of $35 for each person aboard.
  • Have your passport on hand for entry into Bermuda.

People visiting by private vessel are bound by the same rules as those visiting by other means, so be sure to check on the laws and regulations of the area before you go.

With multiple ways to arrive, the next step is to chose one. Every way will get you there so it really is just a personal preference. Seasonality also comes into play. For example, it is more common to take a cruise during the summer months for obvious reasons.

Things to Do in Bermuda

Bermuda is a beautiful island that thrives on its tourist sector. As such, there are a variety of things to do in Bermuda. At any given time you will have different options all throughout the islands boundaries. No matter what time of the year you choose to visit this beautiful paradise, or what the weather looks like outside, there is always something to do when you’re visiting. Regardless of the purpose of your visit, you will be surprised at the wide assortment of activities you’ll find on this simple island.


One of the things that Bermuda is most well known for is golf. With more courses set up for this sport per square mile than any other place on the entire planet, if you enjoy golf, then you’ve found the place to be. With courses known for both beauty and challenge, if you enjoy golf, be sure to play at least one round while you’re visiting.

The Ocean Playground

One of the best parts of Bermuda is the ocean that surrounds the beautiful island. Because this is an island, the ocean has become an integral part of not only daily life, but daily play as well. There are a wide variety of activities that take advantage of in the nearby water, including things like scuba diving and snorkeling, as well as parasailing, boat tours, and plain old fishing. If you enjoy the water, no matter how you enjoy it, be sure to check out what this island can offer you in terms of water play.

Historical Sights

For those who enjoy learning about history, this country offers a unique perspective into the past. Over 400 years of heritage exist within the island boundaries, and all if it is waiting for you to discover it. Between those who reenact the past and the structures that still stand as its testament, the learning potential and historical possibilities are nearly endless. Be sure to schedule a visit to St George when you visit; this is one of the most well known historical sites on the island and is also a recognized UNESCO World Heritage site.

Fun on Land

While there is plenty to do in the ocean, the island also offers travelers plenty to do on land. Whether you are looking for activities with your kids, or you just want to enjoy the nightlife, be sure to take a look at the many businesses that line the streets throughout the island nation. From tea shops to markets, this is one place where you’ll love to shop.

Tons of Fun!

Regardless what you’re looking for, you will have plenty of different recreation options. From kids to adults, there is never a shortage of fun when you choose to visit this paradise island.

Weather in Bermuda

If there was one word that could describe the weather here, then that word would be sublime. It is, perhaps, the weather throughout this 21 square mile island that makes it one of the premier vacation destinations in the entire world. Often mistaken to be part of the Caribbean, the island actually sits in a most impeccable location in the Atlantic- off the coast of North Carolina. Therefore it enjoys many benefits from the Gulf Stream and offers visitors some of the most beautiful, perfect-for-a-vacation days anywhere. And though it may seem like the perfect place to move if you want to live in paradise, it will take more than a good long distance moving company to get you there.

The Best Climate

There are many places in the world that enjoy a nice climate, but nothing is quite like the climate here. It takes the best of all of these other tropical locations and creates something unlike anything you’ll ever find. Rarely will you ever find hot or cold extremes, with the summers averaging in the mid 80’s and the winters averaging in the mid to low 70’s. This creates a mecca for tourism, where people can enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities without having to worry about harsh winters, hot summers, or even hurricanes, as they rarely visit this part of the Atlantic.


One of the most important points to consider is the fact that is never snows here. Rain is somewhat rare, though not rare enough to create drought conditions. Spread throughout the year, only about four inches of rain fall each month throughout the island. This makes it possible to plan outdoor activities at any time of the year and not have to worry about alternative plans. Rain doesn’t normally last long, so even if you do experience rain here, you won’t have to wait long for it to pass.

Adding to the Scenery

The climate only helps make the scenery more beautiful, especially the sunsets and the sunrises. If you’ve ever spent time at sea, you know that these times of the day can be quite spectacular. Now, thanks to the impeccable climate enjoyed on this island, you can enjoy those spectacular sights without having to spend any time on the water. With the coastline only a short distance away from any location on the island chain, you can find the perfect place to view any sunrise or sunset no matter when you choose to visit.