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Discover the natural beauty of nature throughout the Bermuda islands.

Snorkeling in Bermuda Is a Popular Activity

If you like the water, the sun, and beautiful scenery, then you really need to consider going snorkeling on your next vacation. Snorkeling in Bermuda is an inexpensive activity, since all you need is a mask, a snorkel and fins. There is no need for expensive oxygen tanks, or wetsuits. If you can swim, then you are absolutely going to love this activity.

Bermuda may be one of the most popular snorkeling destinations in the world. Every year, hundreds of visitors descend on the many public beaches and coves surrounding this beautiful collection of islands. There are many beautiful locations around the area, and you are certainly not going to run out of snorkeling opportunities while you are on vacation. In fact, your family might complain that you are not spending time doing anything else! Here are some of the most popular spots for you to consider.


Popular Snorkeling Spots

Tobacco Bay Beach

This beautiful beach is near the historic St. Catherine’s fort. The name of the beach actually comes from the fact that tobacco was found growing here many years ago. Tobacco is not the reason to snorkel here however. Snorkelers can enjoy beautiful coral, fish, and marine life. Depending on the direction of the wind, and water levels, you are likely to see a large variety of marine life, so be sure to come to Tobacco Bay Beach at different times.

Horseshoe Bay

Possibly one of the most popular of the south shore beaches; Horseshoe Bay is located in Southampton Parish. The bay is indeed shaped like a horseshoe, as the name implies, and is actually made up of two separate beaches. Local etiquette seems to indicate that the smaller of the two beaches is used for snorkeling. There are public facilities with full showers located here which make the experience much more convenient.

Elbow Beach

Bermuda is known for its beautiful five mile stretch of pink sandy beach. At the far eastern end of this stretch of beach is Elbow Beach. One of the best things about this location is that it is the only spot where there is a bon-a-fide shipwreck available from the beach. Snorkelers can view the wreck of the Polleckshields while enjoying the crystal clear water and various marine life in the area. This is definitely a spot worth checking out.

Important Points

This activity does have a few limitations. There are some places where the sections of beach are private access only, but there are many more that are free and open to the public. If you do not have your own equipment then you can rent some from the many snorkel shops located around the islands. Many of these shops are set up right at the beaches, so even if you are intending to soak up some sun as well, you can rent the equipment and avoid having to carry it around with you.

If you are planning on driving to snorkeling locations a little farther from your hotel, it is worthwhile to choose the locations that offer public facilities and showers. It can be quite nice to take a quick shower after a dip in the water to wash off the salt and sand before heading out to eat or shop.

Whether you are an avid snorkeler, or just looking for an exciting vacation idea- there is nothing quite like snorkeling in Bermuda. This activity will be sure to give you memories that will last a lifetime.

Bermuda Honeymoon for Couples

A popular choice of many recently married couples is to go on a Bermuda honeymoon. This is a good choice for many reasons. Bermuda’s breathtaking beauty and romance have made it a popular destination for honeymooners from all around the world and its popularity continues to increase.

Bermuda consists of many small islands and archipelagos and the unique beaches attract many tourists. The country’s greatest asset is its natural beauty, which includes natural parks and beaches. The beaches have unique pink sand which makes for the perfect romantic setting. Couples who want to enjoy the perfect tropical destination will definitely enjoy the romance of this island, and the wide variety of plants and birds will delight nature lovers. The mixture of greenery, pink sand and turquoise waters make for some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and thus the perfect place for a romantic vacation. Its great climate makes it even more appealing, and allows couples to visit any time of the year.

Activities for Couples

There are a lot of things to do for visiting couples. Those who visit between May and October can enjoy the pink beaches and can spend their time relaxing on the beach in one of the most romantic places on the planet. For the more adventurous couples, diving is a fantastic option as there are many coral reefs and also shipwrecks to explore in the pristine waters. Diving promises hours of unforgettable fun. If diving sounds too intense then you can also go for a snorkel outing. While relaxing on the pink beaches is a fantastic option, couples who are more ‘sporty’ should consider visiting between November and March when they can enjoy tennis, reef fishing and golf. These activities are popular here since the weather is cooler during this five month period. However, most couples just enjoy visiting in order to sip champagne on the beach or hang out in one of the parks. They can just sit back and enjoy the first few days of their marriage while being in a tropical location.
A perfect Bermuda honeymoon

Lodging Options

Couples can certainly find the perfect place to stay that will suit their tastes. Bermuda offers a large number of luxurious hotels and spas, where couples can be pampered and spend their stay in the utmost serenity. For those who prefer to keep it simple, Bermuda also offers various guesthouses and small cottages where couples can spend their time in a more private setting and enjoy a peaceful experience. The local citizens are known for their hospitality and generosity, so visiting newlyweds will definitely feel welcome here.

This island offers many thrills and unforgettable experiences to couples enjoying a Bermuda honeymoon. This country has a rich history and also astonishing beauty. The incredible peace it offers makes it one of the most romantic settings and thus the perfect getaway destination for newlyweds.

Escape to a Romantic Getaway in Bermuda

There is no question that Bermuda is a romantic getaway for couples. No matter what the age, couples will be able to spend a romantic vacation in Bermuda. The trip doesn’t have to be for valentine’s day or for a honey-moon. It can be for any occasion.

For centuries, couples have been flocking to Bermuda. They come mainly to get married, to get engaged, and to renew their vows. Some couples even come for Valentine’s Day. This is why Bermuda is known as a couple’s retreat.

The Romantic Appeal

So why is Bermuda known as a romantic getaway?

The answer is difficult to explain in words. You have to experience Bermuda with your significant other in order to get the full explanation.

Bermuda is a quiet and peaceful island that is best enjoyed with your significant other. The scenery is beautiful, and you can spend a lot of time relaxing together while getting to know the island. Many think of it as a ‘paradise on Earth’. And who can argue with that?

Many of the great aspects of Bermuda won’t cost you anything. These aspects include: the sunset, the beaches, and the nature trails. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your romantic vacation. Some of the views and experiences are simply priceless. And that is one of the main reasons why couples come here.

Top Places for Couples

Here are some of many specific places and ideas for couples…

Achilles Bay- This beach is rarely crowded and is very peaceful. It’s also great for star gazing at night.

Whale Bay- This is the single best spot to watch the sunset. Make sure to bring a bottle of wine and a blanket to share.

Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse- Come see this historic lighthouse and iconic monument. If you climb all the way to the top then you will be rewarded with a romantic view.

Boat ride- Go on a nice boat ride while eating lunch or dinner. You can eat while enjoying the views of the water. You can even watch the sunset if you plan accordingly.

Reasons to Vacation in Bermuda

Thousands of people travel here each year, and with good cause. The pink-sand beaches and the beautiful weather offer visitors an experience like no other. While mistaken for a part of the Caribbean, this island actually rests quite far to the north, just off the coast of North Carolina in the United States. About 650 miles from the closest part of North America, it only takes a couple of hours to get to this astoundingly beautiful island.

The Geography

Perhaps one of the things this place is most well known for is the seventy five miles of dramatic and beautiful coastline that they boast. Because of the location where the collection of islands sits, the weather is almost always perfect. Made up of over one hundred islands, the country is connected by bridges that make it seem like one continuing landmass. Most notable for its pink sand beaches, the island has one of the most unique types of sand. Comprised of crushed coral, calcium carbonate, and shells of organisms called Forminifera, the sand looks distinctly pink.


Because of the wonderful climate, there is a lot of different flora and fauna to discover when you visit. At any time of the year, you can find a variety of tropical fish who inhabit the many shipwrecks that surround the island. You can also enjoy a vast array of flora throughout the island, including gardens that seem like small versions of jungles. There are also lots of unique animals throughout the island, such as tree frogs, seven different sea turtle species, and some of the most unique and beautiful tropical birds alive. With colors and species that span the gap between normal and extraordinary, this country really does have some of the most diverse wildlife in the world.

The Local Citizens

The locals are another reason to visit Bermuda. Unlike anywhere else in the world, the culture of this island paradise is also unique. Because of the rich history that came together to make the island what it is, the country is known as a fusion culture between the British and African segments of history that brought the island to the point where it is today. It is officially Britain’s oldest colony, and as such, British ties influence many segments of the culture, but they combine almost seamlessly with a strong African heritage to create a culture that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. From powdered wigs on judges, to the deep beats of calypso music, to the Bermuda shorts that make our businessmen stand out in the global crowd, there really is something to love about the people here.

Weather in Bermuda

If there was one word that could describe the weather here, then that word would be sublime. It is, perhaps, the weather throughout this 21 square mile island that makes it one of the premier vacation destinations in the entire world. Often mistaken to be part of the Caribbean, the island actually sits in a most impeccable location in the Atlantic- off the coast of North Carolina. Therefore it enjoys many benefits from the Gulf Stream and offers visitors some of the most beautiful, perfect-for-a-vacation days anywhere. And though it may seem like the perfect place to move if you want to live in paradise, it will take more than a good long distance moving company to get you there.

The Best Climate

There are many places in the world that enjoy a nice climate, but nothing is quite like the climate here. It takes the best of all of these other tropical locations and creates something unlike anything you’ll ever find. Rarely will you ever find hot or cold extremes, with the summers averaging in the mid 80’s and the winters averaging in the mid to low 70’s. This creates a mecca for tourism, where people can enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities without having to worry about harsh winters, hot summers, or even hurricanes, as they rarely visit this part of the Atlantic.


One of the most important points to consider is the fact that is never snows here. Rain is somewhat rare, though not rare enough to create drought conditions. Spread throughout the year, only about four inches of rain fall each month throughout the island. This makes it possible to plan outdoor activities at any time of the year and not have to worry about alternative plans. Rain doesn’t normally last long, so even if you do experience rain here, you won’t have to wait long for it to pass.

Adding to the Scenery

The climate only helps make the scenery more beautiful, especially the sunsets and the sunrises. If you’ve ever spent time at sea, you know that these times of the day can be quite spectacular. Now, thanks to the impeccable climate enjoyed on this island, you can enjoy those spectacular sights without having to spend any time on the water. With the coastline only a short distance away from any location on the island chain, you can find the perfect place to view any sunrise or sunset no matter when you choose to visit.