How to Get to Bermuda

It’s no wonder why so many people want to visit this beautiful island paradise, but do you know that there are multiple methods of how to get to Bermuda? Because it is an island, you won’t be able to drive, but you can hop on a plane or a boat and quickly experience the serenity that this place has to offer. Want to know more about the options you have in getting to this wonderful getaway? Continue reading to learn how you can experience all this place has to offer.

By Plane

One method of getting to the island of Bermuda involves flying there. You can purchase a plane ticket from a variety of different airlines that fly from many different airports within the United States, Europe, and many other countries. Most of the time, these flights are non-stop and are over so quick that you’ll not even have time to daydream about the island paradise that awaits you. The airport is located on the east end of Bermuda, so if you have plans to go to another section of the island, prepare to hire a taxi or rent a bike, as rental vehicles are non-existent, so you won’t need to purchase an auto insurance policy.

By Cruise Ship

One of the more pleasant, albeit longer methods of getting to Bermuda involves booking a cruise. All of the world’s leading cruise lines offer passage to this wonderful island, so if you’re in the mood for fun on the water, as well as on the land, consider this as your method of getting to Bermuda. Not only is your food included, but you also will enjoy entertainment and accommodations throughout the entire trip. Worried about getting off the boat and getting lost? Coming in on a cruise ship offers the unique ability to take part in guided tours and activities all choreographed by the cruise line. This is a preferred option for couples.

By Private Vessel

This is the least popular way to arrive. The country is not far off the coast of the United States, so it is not uncommon for people to take their private yachts to the island. Because it is considered a foreign country though, make sure that you are prepared to follow a few simple guidelines when you decide that this is the method you will use to get to this island.

  • Be prepared to go through Immigration, Customs, and a health inspection once you arrive in the port at St. George.
  • Upon approach, be sure to contact Bermuda Radio for guidance in.
  • Be prepared to pay a tax of $35 for each person aboard.
  • Have your passport on hand for entry into Bermuda.

People visiting by private vessel are bound by the same rules as those visiting by other means, so be sure to check on the laws and regulations of the area before you go.

With multiple ways to arrive, the next step is to chose one. Every way will get you there so it really is just a personal preference. Seasonality also comes into play. For example, it is more common to take a cruise during the summer months for obvious reasons.