Medical Tourism in Bermuda

Bermuda is quickly emerging as a great destination for medical tourism. Tourists are now not only coming to see the island. They are now also coming to get medical procedures done. It’s a great idea for tourists, and the recent success has improved the local economy.

The Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) has been actively exploring medical tourism. There has been a new prostate treatment that is available in Bermuda. The same treatment is currently unavailable in the United States. The increase of medical tourism has been good for the local economy. Tourism has increased, and hotels are the main beneficiary. Many of the hotels have increased their nightly bookings, and the increase is largely attributed to the rise of medical tourism.

It has been reported that 1,000 hotel bookings were a direct result of the new prostate treatment. This happened over a nine-month period. The more Bermuda promotes this industry, then the more business they will look to generate. That is why Bermuda is upgrading its hospitals to make them more modern and more appealing to tourists. Bermuda hospitals are also looking to adding new medical procedures for tourists. They are looking to include procedures such as dental and various cosmetic surgeries.

Medical tourism really is a great option for this country. Bermuda is a place that many enjoy visiting, so it only makes sense that someone would schedule surgery in Bermuda rather than in their home country. Often, the surgery would be cheaper in Bermuda. For most patients it is much more preferable to recover in a warm place that is close to the beach. The local environment can help aid in a patient’s recovery. The tourism factor is a great bonus and since there is a lot of cool activities to partake in. It’s no wonder why medical tourism has been on the rise in Bermuda.