What to do on a Quick Trip to Bermuda

What would you do during a short stay in Bermuda?

What if you only had 48 hours in Bermuda?

In this video, Simon Calder travels to Bermuda for 48 hours and gives a detailed report on his stay.

With only 48 hours, you should take into account the time it takes for transportation. You wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time in a taxi. Also, the beaches in Bermuda are great. They are especially appealing if you are coming from a cold winter up north. It’s best to relax on the beach but at the same time, you should also experience the local culture by doing some sightseeing and eating at the local restaurants.

Ideally, you should stay for at least a few weeks in Bermuda to explore, and see almost everything there is to see on the island. However many people cannot stay for two weeks and therefore have to maximize their travel time. When you go on holiday in Bermuda, you don’t want to rush around the island and not be able to relax. The point of a holiday is to relax and experience a new place. You should make sure to see as much of the island as you can. But remember to enjoy yourselves. You can always take a second trip to Bermuda…