Travel Service for Tourists in Bermuda

UPDATE: This service is currently not available

We at are proud to introduce a new type of service for travelers. We get a lot of questions from visitors, so we decided to create a service to individually cater to our audience. This will be a trip planning service.

A local Bermuda resident will plan your trip for you. Nobody knows Bermuda like a local and he/she will make sure that you have the trip of a lifetime. The local will plan your trip out for you and this will ensure that you will get the most out of your trip. You also won’t have to stress out or do a lot of research.

How exactly will this work?

First you will place the order. Next you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire. This questionnaire will get information that will be important with planning out your trip. We need to know what specific activities you like to do and what some of your travel preferences are. Now we are ready to plan your trip. We will give you a daily schedule of where to go and what you will be doing. We can be as detailed as you want.  We will also provide you with important tips and information for your trip.

This service is priced at $200

We are currently only accepting a few people at a time. Right now we do have a few spots remaining so make sure to contact us as soon as possible.  You can contact us by filling out the contact form or sending an email to info (at) bermudatourism (dot) org