Cliff Jumping in Bermuda

Bermuda isn’t particular known for cliff jumping, but as you can see it’s a fun activity in Bermuda. There is nothing more exhilarating than jumping off a cliff and into a warm body of water.

Safety Precautions

Obviously when starting out, it’s best to start off with smaller cliffs and work your way up. And before you try to jump, make the sure the area is safe for cliff jumping. There should be a firm surface to jump off of. There should also be deep water for landing. You can easily injure yourself if you decide to jump into shallow water. Also make sure to jump with a friend. If anything goes wrong then your friend will be there to help you. Another tip is to not be fancy. If you are inexperienced then don’t try and do any crazy flips in the air. Flips are reserved for those with a lot of experience.

Cliff jumping is certainly not for everyone. Elderly people and young children should not attempt to cliff jump. You wouldn’t want to ruin your entire vacation just because you injured yourself. It’s best to be safe. Spend most of your time at the beach, not in the hospital. If you follow all of these safety procedures then you should have a great time and there should be nothing to worry about.