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Bermuda Travel Preparation List

We get a lot of questions about what to buy/bring for a trip to Bermuda. Traveling can be worrisome and there is always a fear that you aren’t well enough prepared. We believe that the better prepared you are, the better time you will have.

So here is a list of what you should need before traveling to Bermuda. We should have everything covered on this list. By the time you get to Bermuda you should be well prepared!

Guide Book: Having a guidebook with you is an essential resource. It provides you with information that can’t be found online.

There are plenty of guide books available on the internet for purchasing. Look at the reviews and then pick out the one that looks best. Make the sure the guide book has been recently updated. Moon Bermuda is what we recommend.

Map: Maps are good for many reasons. They can help you an emergency, help you find a specific place, or help you navigate through town. Just knowing that you have a map with you will make you feel secure. Here is the map we recommend that you buy.

Luggage: It’s hard to travel without luggage. Ideally you want a good looking luggage set that is well-made and durable. For a short trip to Bermuda it’s recommended that you bring at least a two piece carry-on set. For a longer stay, it would be best to bring at least a three-piece set.

Swim Gear

Swim Suit: Make sure to bring a swim suit to Bermuda— you wouldn’t want to miss out on the enjoying a nice swim in the ocean. You will probably spend a lot of time at the beach so make sure your swim wear is comfortable!

Swimming Goggles : Enjoy the Bermuda water without it getting into your eyes. See underwater while swimming in the clear Bermuda water. Make sure to buy a quality pair of goggles such as the Speedo Vanquiser 2.0 mirrored swim goggles. You wouldn’t want to let a bad pair ruin the fun.

Snorkel and Mask: Snorkeling is a great activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. With a snorkel, you are essentially able to look and breath while your head is underwater. This is a great way to see fish and anything else that is visible underwater.

Sun Protection

Sunscreen: There’s a lot of sun in Bermuda and you wouldn’t want a sunburn during your trip. Using sunscreen is essential for being outdoors in Bermuda. If you haven’t been in the sun for awhile then it’s even more important that you use a high SPF sunscreen such as Sun Bum SPF 50 natural sunscreen. A bad sunburn could make you uncomfortable during your trip.

Sunglasses: Another way to keep the sun out is by wearing sunglasses. You can keep the sun out of your eyes and look good while doing it. Look for a pair of sunglasses with 100% UV400 protection. This will ensure that your eyes are protected from the sun’s rays. You can find a pair like this on Amazon.

Calling Home While Abroad

Traveling is great. There is nothing quite like exploring a new country and learning new customs. You can learn a lot by traveling and your experiences will stay with you for life. It’s easy to forget that you are only a traveler. You need to return home at some point and therefore it’s easy to get home-sick.

One of the most difficult challenges about traveling is being away from your own country. It’s a tough transition to see your friends and family every single day, and then not see them at all while you travel. It’s really easy to get home-sick, and this could ruin your entire trip. Travelers have frequently left prematurely all because of home-sickness. It’s a real condition that affects mostly everyone. You are more likely to get this condition if you travel alone.

This is why it’s important to have good phone service while you are aboard. Phone service can literally make or break your trip. It’s important to find the right company for you. Some phone companies even offer affordable international calling. Talking to a loved one can make it seem like you are back at home. It can give you the energy and motivation to make the most out of your stay. Also, your friends and family would love to hear all about your travels.

It’s necessary to call home during the right hours. Timing is everything. Assuming you are in a different time zone, you certainly wouldn’t want to call home at four in the morning. It’s best to know the time difference, and then plan your calls. Make a schedule of when you are available and when your family is available. This way you can take a break from your travels and just reconnect with your family. You can put your travels on hold and just talk for hours. This will give you time-off from traveling and a chance to relax.

Phone technology has come a long way in the past decade. Some companies even let you make free calls. Regardless of where you are, there should be no issues about calling home. Just having the ability to make international phone calls will make your traveling experience even better.

Medical Tourism in Bermuda

Bermuda is quickly emerging as a great destination for medical tourism. Tourists are now not only coming to see the island. They are now also coming to get medical procedures done. It’s a great idea for tourists, and the recent success has improved the local economy.

The Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) has been actively exploring medical tourism. There has been a new prostate treatment that is available in Bermuda. The same treatment is currently unavailable in the United States. The increase of medical tourism has been good for the local economy. Tourism has increased, and hotels are the main beneficiary. Many of the hotels have increased their nightly bookings, and the increase is largely attributed to the rise of medical tourism.

It has been reported that 1,000 hotel bookings were a direct result of the new prostate treatment. This happened over a nine-month period. The more Bermuda promotes this industry, then the more business they will look to generate. That is why Bermuda is upgrading its hospitals to make them more modern and more appealing to tourists. Bermuda hospitals are also looking to adding new medical procedures for tourists. They are looking to include procedures such as dental and various cosmetic surgeries.

Medical tourism really is a great option for this country. Bermuda is a place that many enjoy visiting, so it only makes sense that someone would schedule surgery in Bermuda rather than in their home country. Often, the surgery would be cheaper in Bermuda. For most patients it is much more preferable to recover in a warm place that is close to the beach. The local environment can help aid in a patient’s recovery. The tourism factor is a great bonus and since there is a lot of cool activities to partake in. It’s no wonder why medical tourism has been on the rise in Bermuda.

Reasons to Vacation in Bermuda

Thousands of people travel here each year, and with good cause. The pink-sand beaches and the beautiful weather offer visitors an experience like no other. While mistaken for a part of the Caribbean, this island actually rests quite far to the north, just off the coast of North Carolina in the United States. About 650 miles from the closest part of North America, it only takes a couple of hours to get to this astoundingly beautiful island.

The Geography

Perhaps one of the things this place is most well known for is the seventy five miles of dramatic and beautiful coastline that they boast. Because of the location where the collection of islands sits, the weather is almost always perfect. Made up of over one hundred islands, the country is connected by bridges that make it seem like one continuing landmass. Most notable for its pink sand beaches, the island has one of the most unique types of sand. Comprised of crushed coral, calcium carbonate, and shells of organisms called Forminifera, the sand looks distinctly pink.


Because of the wonderful climate, there is a lot of different flora and fauna to discover when you visit. At any time of the year, you can find a variety of tropical fish who inhabit the many shipwrecks that surround the island. You can also enjoy a vast array of flora throughout the island, including gardens that seem like small versions of jungles. There are also lots of unique animals throughout the island, such as tree frogs, seven different sea turtle species, and some of the most unique and beautiful tropical birds alive. With colors and species that span the gap between normal and extraordinary, this country really does have some of the most diverse wildlife in the world.

The Local Citizens

The locals are another reason to visit Bermuda. Unlike anywhere else in the world, the culture of this island paradise is also unique. Because of the rich history that came together to make the island what it is, the country is known as a fusion culture between the British and African segments of history that brought the island to the point where it is today. It is officially Britain’s oldest colony, and as such, British ties influence many segments of the culture, but they combine almost seamlessly with a strong African heritage to create a culture that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. From powdered wigs on judges, to the deep beats of calypso music, to the Bermuda shorts that make our businessmen stand out in the global crowd, there really is something to love about the people here.

Learning about Bermuda’s Roots

Before visiting you should learn about the history of Bermuda. Nearly 400 years of history exist, with buildings and culture still there today to convey this history to those who wish to visit. In fact, the history of the island is a huge part of the overall appeal of the island, bringing tourists and visitors to the island simply for the history lessons that they can obtain in a single day.

Spanish Beginnings

The storied beginnings rest solely with the Spanish, who’s sea captain Juan de Bermudez first discovered the island chain. Then uninhabited, the 181 islands would one day bear his name. Over a hundred years later, Sir George Somers and his crew wreck on the island after suffering through a violent storm. This is the point where the colonization of the islands truly begin. Though not always a part of Britain, the Virginia Company eventually surrenders the island to the Crown, thus making it the single oldest colony of Britain still existing today.

Growing Up

Though a colony of Britain, Bermuda self governs. This is a tradition that spans back to the 1800’s, when the first Bermuda parliament convenes in the St. Peter’s Church. Still, as the Revolutionary War breaks out in the United States, it is apparent that this island is still under British rule as British solders use the island as a staging area. Towns grow and more people come together to form larger cities. Soon, Hamilton succeeds the original capital of St. George as the new Capital of Bermuda.


Bermuda is well known historically for its hand in the slave market, especially through to the United States. It is also known for the support it gave the confederates during the Civil War. Eventually, slavery was outlawed on the island, but many historical sites such as the Diaspora Heritage Trail still exist today offering visitors a first-hand look into a very unique part of both American and Bermudan history.


With history, also comes mystery. The island is one of the points of the so called Bermuda triangle, and many people still think that the waters surrounding the island are filled with mysteries. Perhaps that is why there are so many shipwrecks surrounding the island today. However, during the 1970’s many of the mysteries accredited to the Bermuda Triangle were debunked, but the romance of such mysteries still exist today bringing in an entirely different kind of tourist to the island.

Weather in Bermuda

If there was one word that could describe the weather here, then that word would be sublime. It is, perhaps, the weather throughout this 21 square mile island that makes it one of the premier vacation destinations in the entire world. Often mistaken to be part of the Caribbean, the island actually sits in a most impeccable location in the Atlantic- off the coast of North Carolina. Therefore it enjoys many benefits from the Gulf Stream and offers visitors some of the most beautiful, perfect-for-a-vacation days anywhere. And though it may seem like the perfect place to move if you want to live in paradise, it will take more than a good long distance moving company to get you there.

The Best Climate

There are many places in the world that enjoy a nice climate, but nothing is quite like the climate here. It takes the best of all of these other tropical locations and creates something unlike anything you’ll ever find. Rarely will you ever find hot or cold extremes, with the summers averaging in the mid 80’s and the winters averaging in the mid to low 70’s. This creates a mecca for tourism, where people can enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities without having to worry about harsh winters, hot summers, or even hurricanes, as they rarely visit this part of the Atlantic.


One of the most important points to consider is the fact that is never snows here. Rain is somewhat rare, though not rare enough to create drought conditions. Spread throughout the year, only about four inches of rain fall each month throughout the island. This makes it possible to plan outdoor activities at any time of the year and not have to worry about alternative plans. Rain doesn’t normally last long, so even if you do experience rain here, you won’t have to wait long for it to pass.

Adding to the Scenery

The climate only helps make the scenery more beautiful, especially the sunsets and the sunrises. If you’ve ever spent time at sea, you know that these times of the day can be quite spectacular. Now, thanks to the impeccable climate enjoyed on this island, you can enjoy those spectacular sights without having to spend any time on the water. With the coastline only a short distance away from any location on the island chain, you can find the perfect place to view any sunrise or sunset no matter when you choose to visit.