Learning about Bermuda’s Roots

Before visiting you should learn about the history of Bermuda. Nearly 400 years of history exist, with buildings and culture still there today to convey this history to those who wish to visit. In fact, the history of the island is a huge part of the overall appeal of the island, bringing tourists and visitors to the island simply for the history lessons that they can obtain in a single day.

Spanish Beginnings

The storied beginnings rest solely with the Spanish, who’s sea captain Juan de Bermudez first discovered the island chain. Then uninhabited, the 181 islands would one day bear his name. Over a hundred years later, Sir George Somers and his crew wreck on the island after suffering through a violent storm. This is the point where the colonization of the islands truly begin. Though not always a part of Britain, the Virginia Company eventually surrenders the island to the Crown, thus making it the single oldest colony of Britain still existing today.

Growing Up

Though a colony of Britain, Bermuda self governs. This is a tradition that spans back to the 1800’s, when the first Bermuda parliament convenes in the St. Peter’s Church. Still, as the Revolutionary War breaks out in the United States, it is apparent that this island is still under British rule as British solders use the island as a staging area. Towns grow and more people come together to form larger cities. Soon, Hamilton succeeds the original capital of St. George as the new Capital of Bermuda.


Bermuda is well known historically for its hand in the slave market, especially through to the United States. It is also known for the support it gave the confederates during the Civil War. Eventually, slavery was outlawed on the island, but many historical sites such as the Diaspora Heritage Trail still exist today offering visitors a first-hand look into a very unique part of both American and Bermudan history.


With history, also comes mystery. The island is one of the points of the so called Bermuda triangle, and many people still think that the waters surrounding the island are filled with mysteries. Perhaps that is why there are so many shipwrecks surrounding the island today. However, during the 1970’s many of the mysteries accredited to the Bermuda Triangle were debunked, but the romance of such mysteries still exist today bringing in an entirely different kind of tourist to the island.