A Wide Variety of Dining Options in Bermuda

Bermuda is certainly known for having spectacular ocean views, beautiful beaches and warm, tropical weather. However, Bermuda is also well regarded as a place to dine. In fact, there are over 150 fine dining Bermuda restaurants on the islands, many of which have received awards and recognition for their delightful dishes.

When arriving to this beautiful country, you should plan on visiting one or more of these restaurants as they provide a wonderful variety of food prepared in both traditional and contemporary ways. What follows are some of the more acclaimed restaurants. Each of them offer their own unique take on the local dishes.

Barracuda Grill

One of the most celebrated restaurants, the Barracuda Grill has earned its reputation by providing outstanding chops and seafood prepared in a new contemporary style. This establishment has won seven Best of Bermuda Awards. The restaurant itself is certainly sumptuous and very comfortable as it is decorated with mahogany wood and banquettes. The chops and seafood are delicious and if you are a little early you can enjoy a drink at their “tres chic” bar.


One of the better kept secrets on the island, the Bouchee is located near the western end of Front Street and offers meals throughout the day. They breakfast, lunch and dinner specials. The Bouchee specializes in French cooking- particularly with the dinner menu. The interior offers a comfortable setting with a breezy, warm atmosphere. There is also a great wine list and even a Christmas menu for that special time of the year.

Eliana’s Restaurant

Another of the more celebrated Bermuda restaurants, Eliana’s is famous for offering “surf”, “turf” and lamb that is cooked to perfection. This place offers delicious seafood, particularly lobster, plus an excellent choice of steak and lamb as well. Eliana’s is open every evening, save for Monday’s and their side items include fresh vegetables, salads and mouth watering desserts as well.

Griffin’s Bistro & Bar

Located inside the main clubhouse of the St. George’s Club, Griffin’s Bistro & Bar is open to the public on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What helps make this particular restaurant special is the location. Overlooking the UNSECO World Heritage site of old St. George and its historic harbor, the view alone is reason enough to come here.

Griffin’s Bistro & Bar also has a well deserved reputation for offering great food along with an excellent wine list. The seafood, pasta, steaks and lamb are the prized menu choices for dinner. Thursdays are the best days to come here since you can enjoy the outdoor “Lantern Supper” around the pool area while also enjoying a four course meal with excellent wine. Be sure to dress well when visiting Griffin’s Bistro & Bar.

Harbourfront Restaurant & Sushi Bar

For a change of pace, the Harbourfront Restaurant & Sushi Bar offers an excellent sushi menu along with the best in seafood dishes. Fresh fish is the order of the day at this restaurant which features a beautiful view of the harbor area at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI). This is the perfect setting for lunch or dinner and the wide variety of menu choices will have you coming back for more. There is even a Sushi Happy Hour where you can enjoy some of the best sushi in Bermuda.

Henry VIII Restaurant Sushi Bar & Pub

One of Bermuda’s favorites for over 40 years, this premiere restaurant offers a decidedly old English atmosphere combined with great hospitality. It certainly helps that the menu is filled with delicious selections of international cuisine. From meals featuring certified Angus beef to rack of lamb to freshly caught fish and seafood, the Henry VIII Restaurant is the perfect place for visitors to enjoy delightful meals of many different varieties.

Little Venice

As the first and certainly most famous Italian restaurant in Bermuda, Little Venice has pleased locals and tourists for over 30 years with its great service, excellent wine selection and fine food. Specializing in both classic and regional Italian dishes, Little Venice is loaded with a wonderful ambiance and even features an outside terrazzo so you can enjoy the wonderful view. Little Venice is certainly one of the more acclaimed Bermuda restaurants.


The first of the Bermuda restaurants that offers Eastern Fusion Cuisine, the décor of the Far East creates a delightful atmosphere that draws you in immediately. Featuring sumptuous meals that combine classic meats and fish, L’Oriental is certainly one of the most unique dining experiences in Bermuda. A sushi bar featuring many different choices only adds to the experience. Complete with a miniature Japanese garden in the tatami room, L’Oriental is the place to go for delicious Eastern Fusion Cuisine.

Ocean Echo at The Reefs

For the stunning view alone perched high atop the cliffs, the Ocean Echo at The Reefs is certainly worth the visit. The restaurant itself has a great menu of selections from classic Bermudian cuisine and new, delightful twists of old favorites such as pan-fried rock fish, seared maple duck breast and grilled beef tenderloin. The atmosphere at the Ocean Echo at The Reefs is amplified by the Bermudian artwork and cedar beams along with the stunning view of the ocean below. Visitors would be well served by enjoying the Sunday brunch special which was voted “Best on the Island” by The Bermudian.

Waterlot Inn at the Fairmont Southampton

The most historic of the Bermuda restaurants, the Waterlot Inn at the Fairmont Southampton has been in existence for nearly 350 years. And after all that time, its reputation, excellent service and wonderful choices of both seafood and prime steaks has remained the same. Located in a wondrous dockside setting that offers a close-up view of the ocean, the Waterlot Inn has rightfully earned the AAA Four Diamond Award for its combination of atmosphere, service and excellent menu choices.

These are just some of the finest restaurants on the islands. There are plenty of other options on the island. But while you are here, you should definitely try out a few places on this list. Your taste buds will be sure to thank you.

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